book Proposals

Writing a book proposal is often more difficult than writing the actual book.  Why? Because the proposal is your one and only opportunity to show editors and publishers why your book idea is unique. I can help you write, focus, and shape your book proposal to include an overview, an annotated contents page, one or two sample chapters, marketing bullets that explain how and why your book differs from others in the marketplace.


Development Editing

I will help you structure—or restructure—your ideas into a coherent, well-organized manuscript, so that your message comes through loud and clear. Suggestions may include rewriting, cutting, adding, or moving text to clarify your vision.



I collaborate closely with celebrities, doctors, health and fitness specialists, fashion designers, chefs and restaurateurs, wine professionals, business owners, and TV hosts who have great ideas.  If you have a book that you want to write and publish, but lack the time or the skills to do so, I can work with you and write your book from start to finish.

Manuscript Evaluation

You finished your manuscript, but you’re not sure if your voice is consistent or if your message is clear. In other words, does it “work”? I will read your nonfiction manuscript from start to finish and give you a written evaluation that details your book’s strengths and weaknesses.


Line editing

By going through your material line by line, I tighten sentences, avoid repetition and generalizations, and offer specific feedback to sharpen clarity and flow.  With line editing, the focus is on your writing style and language usage.


Project Management

I help publishers, book packagers, and independent authors create schedules, maintain continuity, and meet deadlines, especially with complex and illustrated books.  From manuscript to manufacturing, I know how printed and electronic books are made, so together we can get your book on the shelves.